The Monster WOD

Hey everyone 👋🏻

So  last Friday I had two special occasions in one day – a farewell WOD with a super member all the way from the USA!! and a very good friend’s wedding 👰 where there was an abundance of food and goodies… so they kind of made sense together… basically burn as many calories as possible before we make up for it heavily in the evening 😂😅 The WOD we did in honour of Jared joining us for 6 weeks – it’s a see you soon and not a goodbye – was a team workout called ‘1776’ together where we had to accumulate 1776 total reps between the following movements:

KB Swings  200

Burpees  200

Pull ups  200

Push ups 200

Sit ups   200

Squats  200

Cals Row  200

Double Unders  200

DB Push Press 100

Box Jumps 76

And here we are after the killer above:

Jared was an awesome member and an even better WOD partner (who happily took on nearly all the pull ups in exchange for burpees – my favourite – 😅😅 who could ask for more 🙈🙈)

This WOD is super fun and also really motivating since it’s done in teams – so definitely worth a try!

Give it a try 💪🏻



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